By | February 26, 2016

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The JNU debate has outraged the patriotic people of India. They are shocked to see slogans supporting freedom of Kashmir and terrorists who wage jihad against sovereign India.

The Left sees such patriotic outrage and State action as violative of its Constitutional right, i.e. freedom of speech. Since the hanging of Afzal Guru, the 9th of February has become for JNUites, left and anti-national, a day to commemorate his martyrdom, and similar functions have been organized at the JNU campus to show solidarity year after year. For the first time this was shown on national news channels, and was ensued by police action in accordance with law.

The sloganeering that supported the cause of “Azadi” was definitely not in accordance with the freedom of speech and expression as guaranteed by the Constitution of India, under Article 19 (a). Such freedoms of speech and expression does not protect anything which challenges the sovereignty and integrity of the nation, and propagates and supports secessionist jihad. The expressions, speeches, and sloganeering seen at JNU were against the sovereignty and integrity of India and definitely against the public order, as they were supporting a condemned convict who was found guilty after due trial and after all legally available remedies were exhausted.

Freedom of Speech

JNU : A Ground to Aid Terror-Jihad

No one can ever say that the so-called Kashmiri freedom struggle is peaceful or innocent. We all know it for sure, that the freedom of Kashmir has primarily served as a cause to the Taliban, to Al-Qaida and to ISIS. It is a demonic war waged against India. Terror-jihadists want to free Kashmir from of the “clutches” of “Hindu” India.

JNU aiding Terror-Jihad

The Leftists on the campus of JNU are providing intellectual and ideological aid to this Kashmiri terror-jihad. As we all know, the ISIS flag is unfurled time and again on the land of Kashmir. Seen against this background, the slogan-shouting does not seem to be an innocent freedom of expression but rather constitutes support for a bloody and violent cause.

Could the State have remained a mute spectator to this activity, which is not only seditious but amounts to raising a rebellion to aid and abet treason, as it is an attempt to create public opinion in favor of secessionist and terror-jihadist agenda glorifying armed attacks on democracy’s highest institutions?

Patriotism as defined by the Communists

One can still give a benefit of doubt to the young students who are in their formative years and can be misled by any right or wrong revolutionary cause, but one cannot see the justification for senior-most leaders of the CPI and CPI (M) expressing their solidarity with this cause. Very slyly, solidarity is being shown to the cause of freedom of expression. But if one sees it in the light of real facts, then it is abundantly clear that the leaders were expressing their solidarity with the secessionist cause of the worldwide terror-jihad.

Under that doctrine

Though Communists justify that ideological struggle is of utmost importance against all dogmatic and sectarian traits, and denounce extremism as an expression of the petty prejudices and the lumpen elements in society, they see the democratically elected Modi government as “fascist”.  So naturally, they find themselves at liberty to invoke the doctrines they formulated during the Sino-India war of 1962. Under that doctrine, some of them wanted to help the enemy bring down the “bourgeois” democracy so that the red flag of Communists could fly high on the Indian skies. However, this only resulted in the break-up of the party. With this DNA in place, they are the only ones within the Indian political space who can find justification for adopting any means to find support, if they are taking on a “bourgeois” “fascist” government, and can take shelter in internationalism. According to them the “bourgeois” BJP is excessively communal and fascist in its outlook.

New Congress under Rahul inclined to secessionist ideologies and glorification of terrorists

Rahul Gandhi and his Congress Party are now openly showing solidarity with the cause of Afzal Guru and the freedom of Kashmir.  It has reached an extent where one of the former Home and Finance minister is openly expressing doubts about Afzal Guru’s role in the attack on the Parliament, although, while in power, they have deliberated upon that question for a long time before rejecting Guru’s mercy plea. In another similar development, Farooq Abdullah, who has been Minister in the same cabinet, suddenly says that the Kashmir issue should be resolved along the lines of the solution worked out for Ireland.

he has transformed congress

My personal opinion is that Rahul Gandhi and Arundahti Roy have similar views on almost every cause. One can refer to Arundahti Roy’s books and articles, and compare them with the speeches and statements of Rahul Gandhi to find the common thread. To me, he has transformed Congress thinking to the radical  doctrine of the Left. It is no more a “Congress” view but it is the rise and making of a new Congress party which represents the views of not objecting to secessionist chants, challenging the sovereignty and territorial integrity of India, and slowly preparing the Congress Party of his time to accept secessionist ideas in the name if neo-liberal internationalism over national unity. Such a Congress Party can support a cause of students who were wanting to divide India into pieces, free Kashmir and thump the back of Afzul Guru for his act of attacking the Parliament.

Of course, Rahul Gandhi must be too eager to take on the system, as he appears antagonized by the judicial system after his own trial is ordered by a Delhi Court, and the High Court and Supreme Court have declined quashing of the criminal proceedings, upholding the jurisdiction exercised by the trial court.

It seems Indian politics has entered into a most dangerous phase, where the national and political mainstreams are eagerly rushing to support anti-national and terrorists on campuses. As if that in not enough, they are teasing patriots, who are seething to see such shamelessly open demonstrations of treason, calling them fascist and enemies of free speech and expression.

Shridev Sharma